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Branding is the process of giving meaning to an organization. To help people identify your brand by combining the use of a logo, design and a mission statement in a consistent theme throughout all marketing communications 


We would like to improve and transform the way we do marketing and work towards a better culture that the businesses of tomorrow can benefit from. Our methods will evolve your business into finding your place in the future.


We think of design as an extension of one's identity. A way businesses can flourish and showcase who they are, what they do and why they do it. We use design to tell a story, a message and a way to connect with the target audience that leaves a lasting and memorable impression.


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We create a custom strategy which includes managing the platforms, posting and scheduling  content, advertising campaigns, influencer marketing and brand partnership. We also help create unique content that presents what your brand provides for your audience.

Who are we?

We are Dijcom, a London based creative company. Dijcom is the solution to business problems. We bridge the communication between brands and their respective audience, constantly developing and continue to improve businesses. Let us help you manage and handle your brand with care. Let us handle and manage the branding, graphic design and digital marketing for you! 

Our Work

How can we help?

We have a process when working with our clients. From a discovery and research phase to developing a long term strategy. We try to really understand the brand and figure out what works well and what is hurting the brand from developing further.


With our tailored services and packages to suit every client and their needs, we want Dijcom to be the brand that businesses can rely on for branding, design and marketing.  

The Branding Process

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We start off by listening to you, your story and your vision. ​We will identify the company's offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the mind of the target market. By doing so, we understand what makes you different from your competitors and why your customers will make you their choice. These are the first steps in building a brand. Forming a basis of our design direction.
Our creative process starts off with understanding what you like and how you want your brand to be represented. As part of the branding process, the design’s main role is to formulate the visual identity but it often goes beyond that. Design thinking can be applied to many areas of your business to improve services, products and workflows. We will create various style scapes which are thought selections of images/assets that represent and accomplish the ideal brand identity you are happy with. From this we decide on a route forward, taking into consideration elements from each concept direction and the feedback both internally and externally from all stakeholders.
When achieving all the information needed to create a powerful brand, the development stage begins. From the logo, typography, colour and other brand assets, we brainstorm and visualize the unique identity concept for your brand. The creative team presents the identity and the ways it could be used.
We will complete an audit of the brand where we answer a few questions such as, what elements are we missing? Where is it inconsistent? What does the brand design communicate? Is the aesthetic of the brand elevated? Various other questions will need to be answered so we and the client can be happy with the final outcome.

Building a Brand Series Out Now!

Check out all the designs and projects we do. Let's talk branding! We work with companies across the UK on a long term basis, constantly working on developing the brand. High-quality designs are provided by our experienced and talented experts. Please subscribe and share. 

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"The team is proactive, always up for a challenge & eager to learn. Every task is handled very well."

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