Under Armour

Our aim for this project was to give under armour brand new look and add more of a stronger stamp to the brand. We felt the logo did not represent the strength of the brand in the way it should have. After trying to readjust the original logo we felt it was better to try something new and something more modern to younger people of the new generation to notice.

This logo was inspired by construction frames where these are normally known as a foundation of a build. It gave the logo a solid image for the brand which also showcased the U and A letters of the brands initials. A fresh new look for the brand. Our first plan of action when creating this brand was to update the icon of the logo. It felt old fashioned and outdated. This day and age people are looking towards more into the style and of course its quality. The original UA logo was curvy and we decided to create a more sharper and bulky style. The strong bold style for the icon was to showcase the strength of the brand. The sharp style was to showcase the aggression of the brand. This was to cater individuals are involved in sports and want to feel powerful.

We used a sans serif font for the typography of the logo. “Saira SemiConde”, this balanced out the logo and gave it a professional and clean finish. Having the icon and typography in a bold format would create too much tension within the logo. “Too much of anything is bad” and this applies to design as well. The final edit was the colour. Red was used for the original logo but we first decided to create a female and male separation. Where we would have red theme for men and blue for women. Towards the end of the design work we decided to scrap the red and keep the blue as it would appeal to both audiences. Through research we noticed that women like red more than men and boys would like blue more than girls. However with further research blue had percentage of appeal in all ages and genders. So with this information we decided to keep with blue tone that would be perfect for everyone. 


This is our redesign. This is Under Armour!

[the following business is not genuine and is intended and for the purpose of showcasing our branding and graphic design skillset]

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