Fighting Fit

Fighting Fit, a digital guide to a better lifestyle.

The journey to making this brand was through real life experiences. People tend to feel that what ever goal they seek they need to “fight” for it. It is a term often used by most, when aiming for what you believe in. Fighting Fit aligned perfectly with this brand as it is a guide to help with your diet and with working out. Many people give up on their goals through laziness and also lack of knowledge. Giving them the plain and simple answer is what everyone wants. An apple.... so simple to the fact it is always the first thought to a person head when thinking of a healthy lifestyle. Your daily five fruits and vegetables. I took a look with other items of food but felt the leaves of the apple just made the fruit much easier to notice, which i added into the design.

We then thought of how we could implement the name to the logo and we immediately notice the double ‘F’ in the name. The letter ‘F’ starts off wide at the top and lessens it way down to the bottom, just like an apple. The design and shape of the letter ‘F’ was perfect enough for us to alter the letter into an apple.

Stages of creating the logo:

Step 1 - Choosing the theme of the brand. The first thought was basing the colours around an apple which we use red and green however it looked to simple and less professional. We planned on only using 2 colours and no more then three if needed as the excessive use of colour can cause confusion.

Step 2 - Typography: the text we were looking for had to be suitable for large and small displays. Having a type that was comfortable on phone-screens and billboards was needed and had to fit the simple and unique shape the letters originally have.

Step 3 - Futura: Futura is known for it’s near-perfect circles, squares and triangles as it is based on geometric shapes. Due to its unique geometric shape, large displays, corporate designs, books and logos have used this font frequently. The font is considered by many as an ideal one for small text.

Step 4 - Finalised: After decided the font type, we finalised the font colour with the green as the blue felt too much with the logos icon and green just balanced it out. Too much of one colour would create a blind spot for unique areas of a design which loses its value for a design.

We wanted this brand to be easy and simple for the people to understand. A personal health instructor. Especially when the world is in lockdown due to the Covid-19. We felt that this would be perfect to keep people in shape. The App will help people keep track of their day to day activities, with sleep, food, water & exercise. We wanted the app to be straightforward and simple. Show the vital information we need to understand what we can do improve our health. We wanted the user interface to feel & look friendly. Your personal health instructor in your pockets. We really worked on the branding to represent the brand well through the use of colours, the fonts & the UI/UX designs to make the journey for the brand’s target audience helpful.

[the following business is not a genuine and it is intended for the purpose of showcasing our branding and graphic design skillset]