Doha Airways 

DOHA Airways. We decided to create a sub brand for Qatar Airways but this was a premium version for Qatar. We wanted to showcase the professional and peaceful environment we would have on the planes within the logo.
Having smooth curves and then sharpening towards the end gave the effect of smooth brush stokes. This was the best idea to setting off the elegant feel to the brand.
We kept to the same idea of having the oryx (antelope) as it is the national animal of many places including Qatar. So changing it to another animal of some sort would not fit right with the company.


When designing Doha Airways, we carried out a research for Qatar Airlines . We looked into their history and it's design. From the research we gathered information on previous colours they used on an older logo they had created.
We decided to proceed with the soft orange and keep it alone because the current Qatar logo kept only the maroon tone and left out the rest. As a sub brand we felt it would be a good idea to get back some of the colours.
Vonique 92: The typography was in relation to the brand identity where we wanted to showcase the premium and sleek look to it. Doha Airways is a higher budget airline compared to Qatar Airways for people to take on flights preferably alone. We want people to feel they are treated well and not forgotten whilst on the plane.


Doha Airways is a premium and classy airline based in Doha, the capital of Qatar. When designing mockups for the brand we needed to think about a professional and pleasant environment that it would have. The use of dark grey for a base background made the logo look much more elegant in either the main yellow colour and white copy of the logo.

[the following business is not genuine and is intended and for the purpose of showcasing our branding and graphic design skillset]

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