CP Accountants & Finances

CP Account & Advisors Logo and Business Card Design

For this project we created a professional and simple looking brand with the right balance of colours that are neither too dark or too bright. We wanted to try something different, something not usually seen in the accounting and finance industry. We wanted to include that creative element to the brand but at the same time keeping it very professional looking and clean. Hence, we decided to go for a bright purple colour for the brand's logo complemented by black and white. The colour purple stands out whereas the black and white helps to balance out and ease the viewer's eyes giving that professional look and feel.


Before designing we did a lot of research on accounting firms to understand the industry a bit more. We then defined the target audience, the characteristics and created user personas to help with the direction of the design process. We established the designs must be simple and professional to fit the brand, including the logo. 


At Dijcom we believe that no matter what business you have you need a good branding and design in place. Building that healthy reputation is key.

[the following business is not genuine and is intended and for the purpose of showcasing our branding and graphic design skillset]