• Mitak Ahmed

Brand Message & Purpose

Does your brand have a message and a purpose?

What message do we want to tell the world, what purpose do we have? Let’s say our message is to be the best pirate crew on the seas, find the ultimate treasure and free our people. A message and a purpose will help us build a good reputation. In the branding world this is key, because it plays really well with all your marketing campaigns. Not only that but also the designs and the overall look of the brand. You can now take a step back and see if what you are doing and saying is living up to that.

A brand is an expectation that your customer has of your brand. Seth Godin gave a great example of this in one of his interviews. He said if Nike brought out a new product or a new venture we would know what to expect from them, why is that? Because Nike has a brand. When you think of a Nike advert, what comes to mind straight away? If I told you to describe Apple in one word, what would you say? That is what we call a brand!

Remember, It’s not just any message but a promise. A story that get’s people excited about your services and products. People should hear your stories and feel like they need to be part of the adventure. Listen to the stories of your adventure through the horrific storms (Business challenges) and deadly waves ( Obstacles that get in the way) to tropical islands meeting people from all walks of life.

Build a community then a following. You can’t expect people to follow you if they don’t know who you are, what you do and why you do what you do. If they don’t feel like they are part of the journey and if they don’t believe in your cause. That is why you build a community to establish those key areas and then you’ll see people will willingly follow you and support you in every adventure you set out to do in life. For example take a look at our slogan here at Dijcom, 'To communicate and design the future'. Now that is our message and purpose, it is our reason for our company's existence. We said what we do and why we do it. Our vision is to make branding, design and marketing easy for everyone. To bring a revolutionary change to how we do business and take the world into the future. Now looking back at our slogan would you say it compliments what I just told you?

This helps our audience know what to expect from us, our clients know what they can get from us and most importantly our clients can now feel part of this vision and journey. So let me ask you this, what is it that you want your business to represent? What is the vision? What is the goal? What is the reputation you want to build? And why should anyone care?

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