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How I do my UI/UX Design work?

There was a time where I never knew about UI/UX Designs, I didn't even know what the term meant. (If you are new to UI/UX and want to know about what it is, please read my previous blog post called "what is UI/UX Design?" Thanks.) I always used an app or website like it was and didn't think much into it. Like how much work goes into that right? Hats off to all the UI/UX Designers out there honestly! I never thought about why does an app work the way it does? why does it have this look and feel to it? why did they use these type of icons? why is the navigation and design this way? the list goes on. I know many designers have their own way of doing their work but this is one of the ways, how I do my UI/UX designs. Take a look at some of my designs below.

Step 1: Research & Planning

Before I start any work I do intense research on the industry, the brand and the target audience for that app or website. I want to understand the purpose of the app, what it will do, what the brand stands for and what this will do for users. I look at the branding that is already in use and see how I can apply that to the new app and even update the look. I research the brand history and heritage because I want the design to speak for itself. I imagine myself using the app and see what I would like it to be. I also put myself in the position of the target audience and vision what they would want from this app. The way I plan my work, I sometime sketch out the design and elements before hand on paper. My personal blueprint. I figure out where I want each element and the layout of the page. Have different designs for the icons and plan out where they should be place. I then move onto designing the app and start playing around with different styles.

Step 2: Start Designing

This is where the creativity starts to flow. I play around with different ways I can make the app. The look, colours, fonts, page layout, elements, icons and the overall user interface. I feel like in the past when I tried designing any websites or apps it was very restricted because I would certain softwares but now I have found a software that allows you to create flawless designs and the best thing is I have the freedom to let my creativity run wild without any restrictions. I always say you cannot rush design. I take my time and experiment with a lot of designs keeping in mind the branding is there and the purpose is not lost. Sometimes if I get stuck I like to get some inspiration, maybe watch Anime, I love anime, watch a studio Ghibli film, read a book, read poems or write poems, listen to studio Ghibli or any other instrumentals, look at art work, observe paintings, listen to talks from inspirational people like Malcom X, Tupac Shakur and even look at other similar work that I can ideas from. Most of the time I wouldn't need any inspiration and can get straight to designing but I tend to take my time because I want my craft to be extraordinary.

Step 3: Finalised

This is the final step where I finish the design. I also go ahead and start prototyping the app or website, so you can see how it will be like on the real thing. Making sure everything works and the brand is represented correctly. I create a document where I present the finished work to the client, taking them through my design journey and the steps I took to design the app or website. Design should help solve problems and that is what I intend to do.

I hope this helped you. If you would like to know how I help design brands, let me know I'd be happy to write about that too.

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If you have any articles you want me to feature on my next blog do let me know! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this. #uiuxdesign #branding #appdesign

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