• Mitak Ahmed

How important is content creation?

I get asked this a lot from businesses and from a lot people. Content is like the core to everything you do. Especially when it comes to the marketing world. Without content you have nothing to show and that might sound obvious but you will be surprised, how many people want to market their business but have no content to show.

Content is the level of creativity one has to showcase, it says a lot in a black & white world.

Creating content takes a lot of time, you can’t rush it. Consistency is very crucial and understanding what your audience likes plays a huge part. If you study those individuals or even the successful companies out there, you will see that one of the reasons why the videos, pictures and posts they make always goes viral or they receive so much attention, is because they are able to understand exactly what their audience wants and needs. Design, colours, font, style, layout, graphic, imagery, text and structure are some of the key elements you need to have when creating content.

For all the different types of platforms out there so if you want to create content for social media, you will need to create different types. One for Snapchat, one for Instagram, for Twitter, Facebook etc. Every platforms has different type of audience so making the same content doesn’t make sense because it will have a negative reaction. That is why understanding your audience is very important and learning the behaviours of each type of audience on each platforms is also needed.

Content is the most important part when it comes to marketing online, the more powerful the content? The more people will love everything you do. This is something that shows what the business does but also can help in all aspect. Meaning building lasting relationships with potential investors, business partners and even grow a following of loyal customers or clients. Just ask yourself, why do I like to follow all these celebrities, or why do I like to know when the next iPhone is coming out? Why do I watch all these videos and not find them boring or uninteresting?

Content is changing the world, everything is becoming online, nowadays anyone can become the next big success story.

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