• Mitak Ahmed


Instagram is really powerful especially if you have a online business or any type of business. It is even powerful for your personal brand. In today’s world everyone is on Instagram. Reaching your target customers hasn’t been any easier. Now you can connect with pretty much anyone. Knowing the right way to build your online presence is important. Using hashtags is a huge help but also reaching out to potential customers and building a good relationship with them is also important. When someone comments or likes your post, you should take some time out to reply and thank them properly. Spend 1 to 2 hours a day just replying to anyone who shows you some support. This way you are building a relationship and this will lead on to having loyal followers.

What I do is, I personally send them a thank you message saying, “Hi hope you are well, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time out to appreciate and show love to my content.” You’ll see that instantly your making your followers feel like they are being noticed and their support is being appreciated. Don’t just show your content to the world but make sure you give people a reason to stay and become part of the journey you are going through.

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