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Marketing strategies for you

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

There are many many strategies in Marketing, but let me talk to you about all the popular strategies that are out there.

You may use these strategies for your business but not all of them. Depending on what your goals are for the brand and what you hope to achieve. How would you reach your target audience in the best way? I see most companies nowadays using social media to reach their customers. Everyone is on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and even YouTube. Of course, if your ideal clients or customers are not on these platforms and you will find them somewhere then social media probably wouldn’t be the best strategy for you. At least it won’t be the main priority, maybe your clients are more older people and more old fashioned to doing business. In that case, emails and finding them through your website would be a better strategy.

However, I say you should have a social media strategy in place no matter what, it is a tool to build an audience and a way to connect with your customers. If done correctly, social media can create a way for your customers to interact with the brand digitally which can help build trust and brand loyalty. I say show off your brand that is what social media is here for. Let’s say you run an events company, not just any type of events company but for businesses to hold conferences, celebrations and networking sessions. Your marketing strategy could be targeted to business owners, founders, executives, marketing managers and other event managers. Having a niche is very important, instead of targeting every time business out there or targeting another audience like wedding planners you want to define and narrow down who is your target

customers. If you have a business that is niche social media will be a really good step to take with your marketing strategy. It takes a lot of patience and skilled work to see a return on your investment but it Is worth it.

Another popular strategy is Affiliate Programmes. If you have a good presence on a website, you might want to try Affiliate marketing, this is where you sell other people’s products or find others to sell your products from the website. This approach could be useful if you do not have many products of your own or are just starting. Let’s say you have a blog where you talk about the latest cameras, the features and what they can do. You have a lot of camera equipment you want to sell, you can set up a way for others to sell that equipment and they receive a commission-based pay according to the sales. From the web links, they include on their website or blogs that help the sale you will pay them a commission from sales they’ve made from those links. While you keep all the profits from the overall sale.

A website is very important, this is like the first impression from someone that just heard about your brand. The website design, user interface and user experience need to be good. It is the first connection they have to you, like a first date. It will determine if someone can connect with you or it is not a good fit. Pictures of your products or just talking about your services doesn’t do the job anymore. You will need a new strategy, content is the most important element and then the context will complement everything. A website is crucial especially if you plan to grow your company. You don’t just want to increase traffic to your site but want visitors to stay longer on the page and interact with the site.

So what strategies do you think you would use and most importantly what strategy does the business currently need?

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