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Top 5 tips for a Digital Marketing strategy.

  1. Self Assessment

To start working on a digital marketing strategy for your business, the first thing you should do is assess the business. That means figuring out all the good things and the bad things that are going on in the business. Something what I like to call the missing link! The link that you need to complete the business. What’s missing from your business? What could make it better? For example I have a smoothie business where I make the finest smoothies you can imagine. The good thing is, my smoothies are unique and have their own flavours. The bad thing is my smoothies looks really good but it is still not capturing people’s attention. My smoothie is not looking that good online and I know the smoothie deserves to look the best as it could. So what can I do? How do I solve this?

Now what you did there was create the first step to your strategy, you don’t only know now what is going wrong but you know what could make the business even better, and that’s making them goddamn smoothies look good!

2. Create some fire content!

Let’s say you have an Instagram account for the smoothie business, your pictures are okay although you know it can be 10x better. With a good high quality camera, some cheeky angles and maybe some graphic designs, you know that picture will make you thirsty for a smoothie. Now you have realised you need to start creating some fire content to put out there in the world. Pictures are good but videos are just heart touching and so powerful. Me knowing this, I have the perfect idea for my smoothies. why don’t I create a 30 seconds tutorial video of me showing how I make my amazing smoothies and the best bit about this? I’m going to show how happy it makes me feel. If I wanted to go even further with this creativity why don’t I just add some cool, colourful music in the background. And the last 10 seconds of that video could be my smoothing showing off its colours, even adding a slow motion shot of me pouring my smoothing from the blender to my glass. Looking really excited and pumped at the same time.

I can also create a stunning menu to put online on my instagram, emails, facebook and even on my website. What if I used my graphic and content creation skills and created something like this…


NOW that is just one of many examples to creating some fire content! That is step 2 completed!

3. Find the right platform

After you have assed the business and after you have created some awesome content, you are now eligible to distribute that to the right platforms. Choosing the right platform is very important. So coming back to my imaginary business that I have to show as an example, my smoothie business needs a platform that can be flexible and enjoying at the same time. Depending on what business you have you can decide what platforms to use. If your business is something more serious like a law firm, you might want to use platform such as LinkedIn and Facebook. You can use other platforms don’t get me wrong but I think your law firm will best suit those platforms. On the other hand if you have a business that is fun and enjoyable like my smoothie business, then you might want to use platforms like Instagram and Youtube. I would use these platforms because it gives me the flexibility to be fun and colourful. I can hold a smoothie and dance, and think nothing of it, although I will look really funny doing it. HA! (just pictured me doing that sorry). But imagine a lawyer doing that, wouldn’t that be like “okay what the hell”? like it is so out of place. Okay no one is judging anyone here I mean if you are a lawyer and you want to do that go ahead I’ll even join you. But we have to remember when it comes to business and digital marketing we have to bear in mind what kind if impression we are leaving out there for our audiences and businesses.

Therefore choosing the right platform makes a big difference, it allows you to see where your audience is most engaging, at what time and to what type of content do they like best. You can see what platforms works for your business best.

4. Find your niche and target audience

This is a really short and quick tip, because there’s not much to say other than find what sector or category your business falls into and who are the people that you can be targeting. My smoothie business could be in a few niches like the cafe industry, healthy eating or healthy diet industry and even in the dessert industry. So how would I know which niche is the right one for my business. Here’s what I will do, I would put out content targeting those niches. Example on Instagram I would use a lot hashtags and @ to target those niches. After doing that I will gather some data and see which audience responded to my content most. I would do this for couple of weeks to get the best results and gather the best data. finally when the data is there and I am happy with the results I can see which niche my business fits into well.

The next thing for me to do is figure out who my audience is in that niche. Is It mostly women looking to get fit? Is it a lot of mid 20s male and female? Is it older people looking to live healthier? Well you get where I am going with this. I would even connect with those people that like my post and comment on my content. I would message them and gather some information, like what they do, what are their interests and what made them like my content? I think after you do these steps you will have some solid work to work with!

5. Trial & Error, Improve, make changes and do that step again!

This last step? gets a lot people down and mostly give up after they see something is not working out. Don’t do that! This is the best step because it allows you to constantly improving the business and making it better. Take the results you got and do it another way. Just because someone did it one way doesn’t mean that way will work for you. You have to find what works for you. Test out some methods, go back to step 2 or 3 if you need to and make changes and try again. Keep doing that till you are satisfied with the results.

‘If you are not happy with something? that means something needs to change’ (That quote applies to every aspect of life, in business and in personal life.)

I hope this has helped you, any questions or thoughts, I am all ears. I will love to hear your feedback. Thanks and GOOD LUCK!

Written by,
Mitak Ahmed.  

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