• Mitak Ahmed

What is UI/UX design?

Most people don't understand what UI/UX design is. It is the most confusing term when it comes to web & application designs. They could be used as a single term like UI or UX but now it's used as just one term.

UI Design

So let's start with UI, UI stands for "user interface". This is the graphical layout and structure to an application. It involves things like the text people read, the images, sliders, text entry fields, buttons people click on & all the other items people interact with. Screen layout, transitions, speed, interface animation & every micro-interactions you can think of.

You can see how complex and difficult the work is that the UI/UX designer has to go through. So no wonder why the service costs a lot, ranging from £2000 to all the way to £10,000 a month! I know expensive right? But let me give you more facts and a better understanding to why the money is worth the value.

The UI designer has to decide what the application is going to look like. They choose how the design will be like, from colour schemes, fonts, the width of lines, text, to button shapes. The UI designers is responsible for creating the look and feel of an application's user interface. UI designers are graphic designers. They have to make sure the application's interface is attractive, visually appealing, themed appropriately to match the purpose of the application and giving it a personality to be well recognised.

UX Design

UX stands for "user experience". A user experience is determined & messed how someone may use the application. It is also keeping track of how people are interacting with the application. Interaction is very important to analyse as it plays a part to decision making. From gathering some data you are able to make right decisions on how you target your next marketing campaign. UX designers determine if the experience is smooth and intuitive or if the experience is frustrating and confusing. How is the navigation through the application? Does interacting with the app give people the sense that they are achieving the task they set out to achieve? Or does it feel like a struggle to complete the task.

User experience is determined by how simple and easy is to interact with the app or how confusing and difficult it is. UX designers are also concerned about the user interface and this is probably why people get the two confused. UI designers are tasked with deciding how the user interface will look, UX designers are in charge of determining how the user interface operates.

They are the builders and back end workers to determine the structure of the interface and the functionality.


So to put in simpler words and not to complicate things the UI/UX designers, design how the interface works. It is very hard, technical, long hours of research, trail & error, creative, structured & of course rewarding. They want to make sure the users have the best experience they could possibly have. That's why I recommend every business not to take this lightly and make sure they have an UI/UX design expert making sure their business runs smoothly online.

In the next blog post I'll talk about how the UI/UX designers work together and also the research part to UI/UX design which is really important.

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