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Why a website is so important for your business.

A website is a headquarter for your business. This is the place where your website will live and represent the business itself. This is also where new customers, investors, potential clients, business partners and even your loyal hardcore fans can visit. Just like the mailing list, that we talked about in email marketing, where it allows people to sign up to the business newsletter and stay updated, just like that people can visit the website to keep up to date with what the business doing. That is why it is very important to keep your content constantly updated and the website maintained.

The website design is very important, it says to people this is who we are. When you can figure out a way you can apply the business branding to the website design? The website becomes stunning and easily recognisable. This means using your brand colours, fonts and the powerful message your business stands for.

Let’s just say I own a events business, where I specialise in holding events for special occasions such as weddings and birthdays. I also hold events for corporate businesses that like to hold conferences or networking workshops. Now I know who my target customers are and I know I have my other digital marketing platforms in place to target them and make sure they are directed on to my website. But by getting people from other platforms onto my website it doesn’t mean it ends there. No, in fact it has just started. Now what I have to do is make sure I am able to give those people a reason to stay longer on my site. I don’t want people to just stay on my site but I want people to reach my end goal. In this instance because I own an events business, I want people to get in contact with me or feel so confident after feeding on my content that they make a booking straight away! I also want people to follow my blog and follow any updates I have on when is the next event. I also want my previous customers that have made a booking and took part in an event write me a review that I can feature on my website so other people can see. This only doesn’t give me a chance to say “hey, look this is what I do and this is what I can do for you, therefore you will not regret it and feel so satisfied with what I have to offer”. This will give my evens business a chance to create more leads and to have more business for myself. My website is the information dimension that will give my customers exactly what they are looking for.

This is just one example to why a website is so important for your business. Anyone can make a quick website but when you know exactly how to do your layout, features, where to put what colour, what words to use, what content is powerful and what will make people go wow I am so happy I landed on this site. After you know most of these things creating website will be like building the backbone to your business. If you don’t know, not to worry there are many professionals out there that can do this for you. YES! including me!

With my clients I like to study the business and get to know the business. When I get enough information on what my clients business is? I am able to design and develop the website exactly according to that. Every business is different regardless is you are in the same industry or in the same sector. That’s the way I see it. That means every business has its own unique look and representation.

I want to make sure my clients business is representing in the most stunning and amazing way. Coming up with a custom made marketing strategy for the website and creating content to keep the website updated constantly. Also measuring the ranking on search engines and measuring the analytics so I can constantly make changes and improvements.

A website should be like the living room and the kitchen to your business that welcomes people with open arms, the best hospitality service you will ever see!

By Mitak Ahmed.

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