We thought about if Starbucks could have a sub brand what could it be? So we came up with "CONNECT". A place where business professionals can meet and book meetings while enjoying an amazing coffee, breakfast and lunch. Perfect place to network and hold team meetings. This is a design for a sub brand we have created for Starbucks . Many people and many professionals need a place to hold interviews or meetings and are always struggling to find a place to work. This business allows just that. Bookings and instant coffee available at your closest Starbucks Cafe.

Final Connect Design.png
logo combinations.jpg

It had to be classy and professional where it relates to the business itself. We started off by disassembling the current Starbucks logo and taking parts of it for the new sub brand. The first stage we worked on was how we could create and add the design of a collar from a white shirt into the logo and noticed that it was possible with the crown of the figure in the current Starbucks logo. Flipping the crown vertically had similar features to a collar which we alter to make it fit the design. The ribbons at the side of the Starbucks logo also played another part in our design. We flipped that vertically as well and this gave it that premium affect. After created the collar and the ribbons. The next touch was adding a simple diamond design for a tie. The final part of this logo was the text placement for the brand name. Knowing that Starbucks is a massive worldwide brand we knew that keeping the Starbucks name on the logo as the current logo would make the sub brand much more trust worthy and recognisable. A separate section for white collar was the final decision.

[the following business is not genuine and is intended and for the purpose of showcasing our branding and graphic design skillset]

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